140415 comeback showcase - overdose (tao focus)
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Imagine Kris recording an album of ambient sound and meditation tracks. It receives an all-kill, crowd favorite “Kris Struggles to Gargle (Sputtering Song)” staying at number one for three weeks.


140413 Hello Japan Fanmeet | Chanyeol singing “Kotoba ni Dekinai” and the fans joining in at the end. [DL]


Translation of Kris’ rap 

I want you to completely fill up my throat
My whole body is shaking
No matter how much I drink of you it’s never enough
The poison has spread all the way from my head to my toes
But I cannot deny
Receiving this kind of stimulation
Thrills me
I can’t stop


Chinese lyrics

我想要把你灌满我的喉 全身都在颤抖 就算喝的再多永远都不够 毒性已经蔓延从头到脚 但我不去招架 享受着这种刺激 那么痛快 I Can’t Stop!

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EXO-M in colorful cardigans! (((\(^__^)